There’s more to love



There’s really more to love

Love is just so loaded

It’s not just to fall in love

But to really stay in love

Love is simply commitment

It’s staying true to what you promise

To be there in pains

And enjoy the gains together

To be present when it is thick

And not leave when it is thin

Love is more than the feeling

It is more of the giving

It enjoys when laugh comes

And endures the frowns too

Yet it stays unconditional

For when strings are attached

It becomes selfish

And love cannot be selfish

Because it never stops giving

It keeps no record of wrong

It may be hurt but it forgives

Love is when you keep your words

Love is when I don’t break my vows

Love is us when we encourage each other

And never pull down one another

Love may go through the tears

But will wait till the smiles come

For it will never give up

It is not restricted to emotions

For it is a lifestyle.






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