Love and money

Let us recall that God first provided Adam with a job before giving him a wife. We can then conclude that a jobless man has no right getting a wife or how will he take care of his wife if he has no money?  The bible even stated that a man that does not take care of his wife and kids is worse than an infidel. That means money is part of the resources you need as a man to keep your home intact. Yes, your babe can love you so much and can pull through any condition with you but she will not be happy if you cannot meet her financial needs. That means, it okay to be in love but you need money to manage your relationship well. You are going to pay bills and provide food and some other stuff; all these are not going to be possible without money.

Proverbs 31 recorded the lifestyle of a great wife, the virtuous woman. She was an entrepreneur, she has her own source of income, and she not only depended on what her husband can provide. She was up and doing. No woman should be idle; every woman should have at least a source of income. Situations do arise that the husband may have challenges with his source of income, if the woman in his life has no source of income, there’s going to be problem in the house.

I must state here categorically that the woman should not take the responsibility of the man by providing for the needs of the family but she can stand in for the man when he has challenges and she can sure assist him. There is the power of synergy; it means combined efforts will produce a better result than a single effort. That definitely means both man and woman need to be open to each other as regards their finances. They must have a budget for the home. There must be financial planning to run the family. The family is a team and things must be done in unity. Financial accountability to one’s spouse is of paramount importance.

And in situations where the woman is standing in for the man during his financial challenge, she should not see it as if she doing him a favor. She should never look down on him at this period; rather she should look at it as a passing phase of his life. This is the time she needs to show so much support for the man in her life, believing that things are going to be better for him. No matter who earns a higher income between the couple, the other person should not feel intimidated or inferior. Anyone who is better in managing money between the two should be in charge of the finance.

You and your spouse should grow stronger financially as you do in your relationship and in age and this call for wealth creation. You should go for financial empowerment. Financial intelligence is of great importance.  A family that will be strong financially must learn to avoid waste. A wasteful lifestyle is an unhealthy lifestyle. Put priorities in place in your family and where lot of things need financial attention at same time, have your scale of preference where you will list the needs in order of importance. Your love life can be a great one initially but when you start having problems financially, it will be like love turn sour because once needs can’t be met because of lack of money, unhappiness will set in. Money therefore has its role to play in your love life; it helps you add the necessary spice to your spouse’s life. The great wise book endorses that, ‘Money answers all things.’



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