The theory of the missing rib


I remember that almost every subject I was taught in college have one or more theories backing it up. Going through the greatest wise book I discovered that the subject of marriage is not exempted too. Amidst the theories on which marriage is based is the theory of the missing rib. This was propounded in Genesis 2:22 – 23 which says” And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, He made a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said this is now bone of my bones….”

Let me start by telling you that the theory of the missing rib is real. The woman was specifically created to complete the man. Yes, man enjoyed God’s presence and companionship in the Garden of Eden but there was a vacuum that needed to be filled in man’s life by someone who was made from him and that looks like him in another way; there comes the woman. That definitely means that for every Adam, there’s always “an” Eve. This also means you have the tendency to attract your type into your life. I love the way the Old King James version of the bible usually puts it “And this begets this”…. You have the ability to attract your quality in person.  So whoever you have in your life now is the person your quality was able to attract, so dear, don’t blame your partner alone for how things turn out to be in your relationship. It therefore means if you are not currently proud of your relationship, you will need to improve on yourself to be a better person, the better YOU will in turn influence your spouse positively. Divorce is not the way-out, you are the way you. The improved YOU will improve your relationship; this also applies to other ramifications of life, don’t blame your colleagues for bad situations at work or business place until you have first checked yourself and improve yourself to make the situation better. You must check out for the dirt in your eye before you are qualified to point out the dirt in your neighbor’s eye.

A trial and error method in choosing a spouse in the past only attracted Delilah to Samson’s life. Let me put it this way, God’s calculation helps bring your soul mate just as it happened to Adam while your manipulation only attracts Delilah. Oh I do remember that Eve gave her man the apple and this got them driven out of Eden, don’t blame God for that. Adam actually failed to groom his bride and that was the outcome. There is the ‘husband-wife mentorship’ that Adam needed to take Eve through, am sure he got too busy to do the training for her or probably postponed it to another time; and that got too late.  What you teach your wife will reflect in her lifestyle. I hope you remember Ananias and Sapphira in the books of Acts of Apostles chapter 5 (Holy Bible); the guy also failed to mentor his wife rightly. I am so sure he had handed over the steering wheel of the home to his wife because his wife was so bold delivering the ‘lie speech’ she has rehearsed to Apostle Peter. I am sure she gave her husband the suggestions of how the plan would go in concealing the actual facts of their land sales. Of a truth, birds of same feather flock together, great people think alike so also average and poor minded people. It therefore means that if you want to get married to a king, you must be a queen yourself. Live it, cultivate it and dream it till it comes to manifestation. What you don’t think and behave you cannot become.

To my married colleagues, do you know that wonders happen when couples pray together? So no matter your busy schedule always make it a point of duty to pray with your spouse because if one can chase a thousand, two will definitely chase ten thousands together, so says the Holy Scriptures. Great couples win together!


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