When Mothers turn Murderers








A peep into Jacob’s life in Genesis 27 shows that he deceived his father to steal his elder brother’s blessings, all thanks to his mother Rebecca who conceived and helped in the execution of the ‘deceit mission’. In his flight to avoid his brother’s anger, his mum further advised him to flee to Uncle Laban, the slave master. Jacob served under him with hard labor for twenty years (fourteen years to pay the bride price of his heartthrob, Rachael; the remaining six years to gather wealth Genesis 31:41).  Jacob’s elder brother, Esau would have killed him in vengeance if not for God’s mercy.


An abortion of a great destiny can also occurred during the reign of wise King Solomon when one harlot slept on her baby and  made an attempt to claim the living baby of her co-harlot (I Kings 3:16-27). Same way, lot of single ladies/women has aborted unwanted babies. Some even claim that the babies are still in the formation stage and so they are still foetus  Whatever name you decide to call it, it is murder. Who knows, a lot of future presidents, world reformers and change agents have been “flushed” away by these “unready” mothers. Would you have existed if your mother had decided to abort you rather than give birth to you?

 Accolades should go to great mothers like Mary, the mother of JESUS who encouraged her son to perform his first miracle of turning water to wine at the wedding in Cana of Galilee (John 2).  A mother has been divinely endowed to encourage her child to be the best and not otherwise. A great testimony of the positive influence of a good mother is that of Sonya Carson, the mother of Ben Carson. In his book, The Gifted Hands, Ben narrated how his mum believed in him and through her positive affirmations about his future helped him become the best neurosurgeon in our time. Most children today are suffering from curses placed on them by their mothers. Such mothers have forgotten that “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.”

 Jabez’s mother sealed his destiny by naming him after the troubles and trials surrounding his birth, she had no hope in his future. It took Jabez a prevailing prayer time out in God’s presence for his life to be changed. (I Chronicles 4:9-10). A mother has power to determine the fate of her child, her tongue is coated with authority and whatever she declares into her child’s life have a way of coming to pass.  “Can a mother forget the child of her suckling?” (Isaiah 49:15). Every mother is like a potter and her children are like clay in her hands, she has the opportunity of teaching her kids their first words, walks and witness their first smile.  That actually means whatever a mother knows is what she will teach her kids.  Mothers are great assets to their children’s lives and so we need to be careful what we invest into the lives of our kids. Let’s make kings and queens out of them. Do not let us murder their future by teaching them the wrong steps. We are just caretakers and are accountable to God how we raise our kids. Let our kids look back years later and thank God for having us as their mothers just as it was said to the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31:28, “Her children arise up, and call her blessed”.



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