Forget me Not….the concluding part (Love Story)

Ade has been distressed for days…his mind need to be fixed. Two women are fighting for his heart, he needs to choose one of them and each decision has a cost. He decided to cool off by going for a drink with his office friend, Akin. His friend saw that he was in a bad state, trying to drink himself to stupor; it was at this point that Akin noticed that something was eating Ade up. He didn’t need to ask before Ade poured out his mind. He was betrothed to Adun via blood covenant; he has been asked out by Wura, his benefactor; he is in a dilemma.

Akin told his friend what he would have done if he happens to find himself in that same shoe. “Marry Adun the love of your life and keep dating Wura for her wealth, keep scouting for a new job and once you get a better job, leave Wura”.

Ade started his relationship with Wura as he kept the preparation in top gear for his traditional wedding with Adun in the village. He went for his introduction, lying to Wura that he needed to rush home to see his parents who were missing him. She opted to go with him as his fiancée but he promised her that she would soon meet them at a later date. Ade plan is simple, get married to Adun and still keep her in the village with his parents for the meantime while he arranges to get a better job, change accommodation and say goodbye to Wura before bringing Adun to live with him in the city.

Everything was put in place to make the wedding the talk of Iremide village and its environs as there was plenty food and drink for everyone, it was the village one-time best dancer getting married to the first person ever to have won scholarship from Iremide’s village. It was the wedding of the village celebrities. Traditional rulers from the neighboring town were invited since the couples’ fathers were ‘titled’ chiefs.

It was the wedding day, drums rolled, palm wine kegs exchanged hands and several dishes of food were made. The couple was joined by the traditional ruler and different prayers uttered for them. It was dancing time and everyone was responding to the rhythm of music when a convoy of cars arrived at the venue. Ade must have made it big in the city to have company of friends coming from far and near, just another set of great friends, the villagers thought, as men in suit got down from each of the cars. Three men in black suit approached the last car in the convoy to open the door, only for Wura to step out in black shades accompanied by Akin, Ade’s office friend. Ade was frightened, how on earth could Ade do this to him?
Wura did not waste time, neither did she need any other evidence to confirm all that Akin told her, she targeted Ade’s right leg and shot it many times. The villagers did not need the town crier to announce that the wedding was over; Ade lost so much blood and passed out as he was being rushed to the health care centre. Wura and her convoy left for the city immediately. Fortunately, the visiting doctor from a big hospital in town was at the health centre with one of his friends who happens to be a surgeon to check-out an influential patient who was due for operation later in the week. Ade was rushed to the theatre immediately after observing that all hope was not yet lost on him.

Ade’s life was saved but his right leg was not because it had to be amputated for him to live. He needed nobody to tell him that he has lost his job also and he did not have the courage to go back to the city to look for a job because of his physical state. Adun was distressed and unhappy when she heard that Ade had been double dating but she cannot marry anyone else as long as Ade is still alive. She has to learn to carry her cross with a smile. Wura was wrongly informed that Ade died and she couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she was deceived by the person she loved. She attempted suicide and was saved by the timely intervention of her Personal Assistant who saw her taking an over-dose of drugs; she was rushed to the hospital but started suffering from depression after her treatment.

The quality of our relationship depends on the kind of association we build around us. It is popularly said, “show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are”. Ade’s friend who gave him a bad advice was the same person who reported his deceit to Wura. “He who walks with the wise shall be wise, but the companion of fools shall be destroyed” (Proverbs 13:20). If your partner double-dates in courtship, he/she will cheat on you in marriage. So the question is who is your ‘bestie’ now? Whose counsel are you listening to? Who is mentoring your love life? Think about it.


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