The Playboy


Richie has been lying sick for almost two months now. He has been transferred from one hospital to the other and all the result of tests conducted by doctors came out clean. The source of his sickness has not been discovered. The doctors all claim the results showed nothing wrong with him; yet he knows all things are wrong with him. He can’t eat….can’t sit up for long and of recent he has been having problems with his speech. A doctor actually advised him to seek spiritual help, so he has decided to send for his Pastor who has just returned from one of his missionary assignments around the world.

As his Pastor saw him, he had compassion on him. He held his hand to pray for him but couldn’t say anything, his lips did not move neither did his heart communicate with God. Pastor Philips opened his eyes, takes a good look at Richie, the head of Protocols and one of the most eligible bachelors in church. “Is there something, I need to know about your past? Is there someone you need his/her forgiveness?” Richie looked back at his Pastor with tears in his eyes. “I think I have a confession to make.”

Some few years back…..Richie has been one of the guys in vogue in the University. Handsome, rich, outspoken …he has his ways with girls that stir up his emotions…. Precious, a fresh student however gave him a tough time. Not only is she strict, she also has principles and he was bent on getting her. He used all the tactics he knew to get close to her to no avail. He invited her to his birthday night party yet she declined, telling him she doesn’t go for late night events.

This is Richie, one of the biggest boys in school who always have his way in all things. He contacted Precious’ best friend, tipped her and gave her the assignment…”Precious must come for my birthday party…more reward if you succeed”.

Precious appeared at Richie’s birthday party, all thanks to her room mate and friend, Betty. A game plan has been hatched, unknown to Betty. Precious’ was drugged and not too long from then, she was alone with Richie, the game master planner. The rest is left to be imagined, she was raped. She lost her virginity in a very horrible way. Betty felt so bad; she never knew that was the original plan. 

Few weeks after that Precious discovered she was pregnant and reported the case to her friend who immediately alerted Richie who of course was not ready to be a father. Precious would not hear of abortion despite how Richie pleaded with her. He tried all his might to make up with her only to deceive her to visit his doctor who will help check the state of the pregnancy and prescribe drugs that will sustain her health. Precious fell for it again as she was given some contents to swallow at the hospital, not knowing the doctor was quack and what she swallowed was meant to abort the baby.

Betty had to alert Precious’ parents when she started bleeding profusely. She was rushed to a private clinic where her womb had to be operated on. Doctor had bad news for Precious and her parents. Her womb has been ruptured so it had to be removed.

Precious woke up to the reality of what has happened to her. She cried uncontrollably for seven days and on the seventh day, she rose early as one am, stripped herself naked and cursed Richie.

Precious never went back to that school and Richie took to his heels because the police were after him for the havoc caused to Precious. Not only did he rape her, he also damaged her womb by forcefully aborting her baby.

Few years down the lane, Richie attended a program that changed his life; he forsook his bad ways and became a Christian. Not too long he started having strange dreams about Precious, in each nightmare; he would see her crying and cursing him. Each time he wakes up from his dream, he usually feels so heavy, sad and depressed. Prior to his illness, he has been having nightmares of her almost every day, the last one he had before falling ill was terrible, Precious actually threatened him in the dream saying, “you will never enjoy your life anymore same way you made my life miserable”. He was rushed to the hospital after waking up from the nightmare with terrible pains all over his body.

Pastor Philips looks straight into Richie’s eyes and told him, “Your healing begins when Precious forgives you, so try all you can to reach out to her even if it means searching the entire world”.

Every phase of our lives is important and how we live today determines how we face tomorrow. When we give out lives to God, He forgives us our sins but there are some past that needs to be amended or corrected. Oh, Richie may not be able to correct the past but he needs the forgiveness of someone he had wrongly hurt in the past. Don’t intentionally hurt someone on your way to see tomorrow because they may hold the key that opens the door of your tomorrow.

Richie worked for the curse he earned from precious. Precious curses on him worked because there has been a blood covenant between them via the sex (rape). Richie could get deliverance from the curse but it begins with him being forgiven by Precious.

For every Mr. Flirt, Handsome and Richie out there don’t forcefully get what you are not given, don’t bet on any girl to prove a point because you may get the girl but lose your future peace and rest.




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