Battered Bride

ImageRufus raise his fist for the second time and hit his wife at her right temple, she staggered and this time hit her head on the wall, she drifted downwards immediately and fell down flat. He made another effort to pounce on her on the floor but discovered that he was hitting a lifeless body. The ambulance was called in and Rita was rushed to the hospital, the fact however remains that Rufus had inflicted so much injury on her and she couldn’t survive ordeal. She died not fulfilling her days, she passed away without maximizing her potentials, and she died still full of treasures that would have blessed the world and countless lives.

A lot of women have become a punching bag in the hands of the men they love so much, this way they became shadow of themselves, living a life full of regrets because they found themselves in a great bondage of being brutalized regularly by the person they love, admire and respect. Kicks, slaps, blow and being hit on any part of the body has become a daily experience, this is so sad.

 God stipulates that no man should put asunder the couple He has joined together; He also instructed husbands to love their wives. (Ephesians 5:28). A man who loves his wife will never beat her and he who loves his wife loves his life. Now, the man and his wife are one flesh (one body) and it is impossible for someone to start beating himself when he is not mad. It therefore means that a man that beats his wife is not in his right senses and should see the psychiatrist immediately. A man can claim at times that his wife annoyed him by raising her voice and uttering abusive words. Every great man should know when to walk out when a hot argument seems to be in the pipeline. In fact, it is of great advice that man that cannot control his anger should not get married. If you know that you have an anger problem now, visit those who are masters in anger management and get help for yourself less you destroy yourself and your loved ones.

As a woman, it is good to love your man and still keep being around him despite the strife between you two. It is however very unwise to keep staying around any man who treats you like a boxing mate in the boxing bout. Beating up a woman in the name of correcting her is a blow below the belt and abuse of the highest order. In as much that divorce is not a wise and first option out, it is wise to keep away from him for safety or contact your family and friends who can give an immediate rescue less they wake up to find your corpse.

It is also very strange to hear that there are ‘husband beaters’ among our women who will lock the doors, sit on their husbands, beat them and at same time be the ones crying for help; wonders will never end. It is wrong to inflict pains on others not to talk of someone who is your flesh and blood.

For women going through different forms of abuse, reach out for help, there are organizations that shelter abused women who seek refuge from their abusive spouses for a while as the case is being looked into professionally; they also help handle legal issues as related to women abuse. One of such organization is PROJECT ALERT in Nigeria. You can reach out to them by checking them out via Google; the contacts through which you can reach them are available on their website. Don’t die in pains and in silence when you can live your life maximally. Reach out for help so that you can save your life and those of your loved ones. It is well with you. You can reach me on BB PIN: 25E9E245 if you have questions as relate to this.




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