Matured…but not Married

ImageSisi has four siblings and the youngest of them, Lola would be getting married this weekend. Sisi is thirty four years and she is beginning to get worried that she won’t be able to get any suitable suitor before she grows old. She seems to be on the big side as regards her size and she has been making frantic efforts to reduce her weight. There has been so much pressure on her of recent as all her friends are either married or already have one or more kids to their credits.

‘Lanre is forty years and he is yet to settle down. All the ladies he has come across either seems not to be the right material for him or they can’t cope with the expectations he is looking for in a wife . He has however concluded that there may not be a woman out there who will surpass all the good virtues he has seen in his great mother.

Bola will be thirty-five this month and she had waited all these years to get married. When the suitor wasn’t forth coming she gave herself wholly to fulfilling purpose and even made savings to go for her Masters abroad, few months ago she met Bade, the man of her dreams, who though is some few years older than her has never been married. As she marks her birthday this month, she will also be getting married despite her family had almost given up on her getting a bachelor as a suitor.

There are great lessons to learn from the lives of Sisi, ‘Lanre and Bola. Sisi might not have a suitor right now; it doesn’t mean her time will not come. To many, Lanre is over ripe and may be under pressure to settle down with anyone that comes his way. However, marriage is not a game or a trial and error venture that can be joined into with any partner. A look at the tips below will be of help to anyone in Sisi and Lanre’s situation:

Don’t compromise standard regardless of how pressurized you may be to get married. Marriage is a life-time contract and not a short term venture and as such should not be entered with anyone you don’t know too well.

Always be positive about life, that you have a delay now does not mean you will be denied of a spouse of your own as long as you are interested in getting married.

Work on yourself, be presentable, be current and smart. If you need to work on your shape or figure, do that, hit the gym if need be. Stop bad eating habits that may be making you add unnecessary weights. Dress well, be neat, know how well to combine the clothes in your wardrobe. Look beautiful, no one is ugly, we only have people who don’t know how to take care of themselves. You only attract your quality in the opposite sex.

Learn about relationship and how to treat people. Go for counsel, read books, articles and listen to podcasts or messages about relationship. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Has there been any case of delayed marriages in your family? if it a common phenomenon, there’s nothing to worry about, you only need to talk to God ‘seriously’ to make the cup pass over you because Him only do the impossible when after you’ve tried your best and things seems not to be working.

God not only instituted marriage, He is very much interested in our relationship as He wants the best for us, you need to be connected to Him and ask Him to direct your path just as He brought Ruth and Boaz together.

Get a need and fulfill it. Pursue purpose; don’t just keep waiting endlessly and lying idle. Mike Murdock wrote in his book, Laws of Recognition, “Productive women attract productive men. It happened in the case of Ruth, yours will not be an exception. (Ruth chapter 3 and 4)

Talk to a Relationship Coach, there may be something you need to share with him/her that might have caused the delay.

Don’t set unrealistic expectations for your spouse to be. There is no perfect man/woman only God is perfect.

Never ever give up on yourself and future. Your time will come and you will meet your spouse.


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