Spice up your Spouse’s life

Love-couples-23This is not only for the married but also for the singles who intend to marry in the future. Honeymoon is not meant to stop few days, weeks or months after wedding; it is meant to be a daily experience in marriage. Lot of people are enduring their marriage instead of enjoying it because they do not know what is required to make their marriage an Eden on earth. If you are not creative in your relationship, you’ll bore your partner with your usual way of doing things.
I encourage you to step up in the way you talk to your spouse. Let your tongue be garnished with words of grace and not words that can kill his/her morale. Let your relationship always be an embodiment of sweet memories.

Learn to be your spouse’s student
You may need to get back to class to understudy your spouse. You should know him/her like the palm of your hands. As you grow older together in your union, the more things you learn about each other. You have o be observant just as it is required of a science student in the laboratory during an experiment. You must know your spouse’s love language(s) because you will need to keep feeding him/her with it if you want him/her to keep falling in love with you over and over again. His/her love language (according to Gary Chapman) can be any or combination of words of Affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch.

Learn to appreciate/encourage your spouse more
Never be tired to say ‘thank you’ to your spouse. If you don’t appreciate him/her well at home, she will ‘trip’ for anyone who does that to him/her outside and God help you if that person is of the opposite sex. Don’t push your spouse into the arms of a stranger who knows the worth of what you don’t value. Always tell him/her how much you crave for his/her presence, understanding, co-operation, love, care…the list is endless. If you are able to count how many times you have said ‘I love you’ to your spouse in a day…then you have not done enough. When you are head over heels in love with someone, you will never get tired of showing and telling them how you feel. Be the number one cheerleader for your spouse even when everyone seems not to believe in him/her, support his/her vision (hope you know women too have visions….Mary had the vision to womb the Savior and Joseph supported her). Never use words of defeat or words that can let your spouse down. Your beginning may be quite small, always remember that your later end shall greatly increase.

Learn to be there for your spouse
Money, gifts, cars, mansion cannot replace the vacuum your absence creates. Your spouse values your presence and no matter how busy your schedule may be, always makes it a point of duty to always be there for him/her. You should always talk, play, laugh, and grow together. Let him/her into your dreams for the future. Let your spouse know your strength; don’t hide your weakness from him/her because s/he has been divinely graced to help you manage your weakness. You are not truly successful if you have failed with your family. You may have very tight schedules at times or have to travel far away from home. Thank God for technology, you should make the communication line between you and your spouse very open. You could Skype. Blackberry chat at times may not do, she may need to hear your voice. Don’t tell me your wife don’t have a blackberry when you have one. Are you kidding me? So who have you been using as your display picture (DP) all these while? (Just curious). Great couples don’t keep secrets from each other, they share it.

Learn to give your spouse a special treat
How often do you take your wife out? When last did you give your spouse a surprise gift (no matter how small). When last did both of you took a walk or go for vacation? Seriously, it does a lot of good for both of you to get away sometimes to a quiet place where you can catch up with the lost intimate moments. You need the days of your honeymoon (you know what I mean), go places with your wife where she won’t have to serve the food but that both of you would be served while she rest from the routine of the home chores or the kids’ tantrums. Discover that guy/babe you walked down the aisle with all over again. Is she more beautiful now than she was when she said yes to you? Is that man of yours achieving more now than he used to before he married you? Are you making this life beautiful/miserable for him/her?
Make that spouse of yours always look forward to the next day with you. The holiday season is at the corner, start from now to plan how to make the holiday special. There are exciting places to visit; the cinemas are closer to us than before, you can check them out. The resorts centers and historical sites are not left out. Make him/her laugh louder this season.
Lastly, if you are married sleep only with your spouse…..if you are single….sleep ‘alone’ till you are married (winks)…that is God’s candid advice to you. Success in your relationship is my concern. I value you. Hook up with me on BB Pin: 29E55A9A



ImageJude is a promising young guy; he is a first class graduate of Mass communications and he has lot of dreams for the future. One of his goals is to be a successful on air personality (OAP). Getting the right job however seems difficult as he has to be joggling between one to the other. One of the bright sides of his life is his fiancée, Judith. Her daily phone calls always make his day colorful and he always look forward to it. Judith has however changed a bit since some days back, she rarely pick when he calls and she always sound not too excited at the sound of Jude’s voice. He would have paid her a visit to know the reason for the sudden change in her attitude but she is miles away observing her National Youth service Corps (NYSC).

Jude got a call from one of the best radio station in town to come for an interview for the post of on air personality (OAP) and as he puts everything in place on the morning of the interview, he got a call from his beloved Judith. This must be a great luck for his interview, hearing from his wife-to-be. Judith announced to him right there on the phone that she’s no longer in love with him and that they should give their relationship a permanent break because she has moved on.

It was a rude shock for Jude but he has to put himself together for his interview. He will deal with the issue later. It wasn’t easy for him to get composed. His heart was divided, interview on his mind, heartbreak ripping him apart on the other hand. It was his turn to be interviewed, he sat in front of the panelists and was asked to do one thing…..”You are the radio host for a popular relationship program on air, can you please give a brief introduction to today’s episode of the program”…..that was the task.

And here’s Jude response to his test, “Earlier this morning, my girlfriend, best friend and lover broke our relationship of two beautiful years at a time I need her most in my life; I am here with a heavy heart yet I have you my audience waiting for me so I have brace up because life continues. Now I wonder how I can balance life with this heartbreak and other goals I need to accomplish. Today I want to hear your views about how you handled previous heartbreaks in your relationship, let’s learn from you. We also have a Relationship Coach in the house….I, your host Judah Best will be right back after the commercials…”

The panelists were ‘wowed’….he got the job on the spot with lot of mouth watering benefits. His life changed on the day he was jilted. Within six months, he was in high demand as MC and live show host even in higher institutions. It was one of these days that he received a call from Judith, she wants to come back into his life….. 

Jude really loved Judith and he still has feelings for her but she actually left him for someone else once…she left when he needed her most and now she wants to come back…. She is probably making a comeback because of his current status….

Our Ex is our past. It could also be a dirty habit we left, a pitfall we survived from or weakness we had overcome. Seriously, you are married but there is this old flame that used to know the password to set your body on fire…. Just a call from her and you are already undressing her in your mind…To make the matter worse, she is ready to go on a date with you. You’ve got to take control of the ‘lust’ least it lead you to an early grave. Lot of married people made a total mess of their beautiful future because they gave entrance to an Ex into their lives. Some attractions are for your destruction; so beware!


Stop having a hangover over an Ex who has nothing to offer than heartaches. He/she walked out because he/she believes you are not good enough. Don’t stay around someone who only tolerate you but never celebrates you. Jonah (in the bible) had to do away with his ‘over-sleeping’ habit before he could fulfill God’s purpose for his life. Dis-engage from anything that will weigh you down from advancing into the future. You may need to stop picking that call or probably delete that contact from your phonebook or blackberry. You may have to block that follower on twitter that keeps sending you nude pictures. You have the power to prevent yourself from sleeping on the laps of Delilah least you end up like Samson.

 I once dated a guy who could walk in any time of the day to declare that our relationship was over. Each time this happened, I would cry and become very devastated only for him to come back few weeks or days later begging on his knees that his life would be meaningless without me. Going by my love for him, I accept him back easily only for him to repeat his folly few weeks later. This went on and on, the more it repeats itself, the more I became an emotional wreck. In about our one year courtship,the relationship got ‘broken’ and ‘repaired’ like seven times until I said it was enough. I told him that although I have forgiven him but I have discovered that he is not emotionally matured to handle relationships for now least he makes a mess of my life. I told him I can no longer trust him with my heart because he has no good track records.

 Any man/woman that takes pleasure in making you cry is not worthy to have you. Let me put it this way, if your partner toys with your emotions, then s/he cannot be your spouse.

Seriously, if the ‘bad’ that you Ex has to offer outweighs the ‘good’….don’t open the door of your heart to him or her again. Add me on this BB PIN: 29E55A9A if you need someone to talk to. I value you!