Now that you’re Married…

ImageNow that you are married…know that it is the beginning of forever! You may not be used to wearing your wedding band as you count months/years in your union but you must get used to carrying out your marital responsibilities promptly.


My ‘hubby’ has gotten used to the fact that I can’t leave home to the office without him serving me ‘tonnes’ of hugs. That is my configuration. Do you know your spouse’s configuration? I will never get tired of talking about Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages because lot of marriages are in shambles because they do not take their spouse’s love language(s) serious.


Your emotions must be alive and active as a man if you want to enjoy your wife and marriage because women are so emotional in nature. Some women express extreme happiness, sadness, excitement and surprises with tears streaming down their face. So my dear Groom, you need to be well prepared to see those tears often. Shouting on her or getting angry because of this may cause more tears. Those times, what she needs are hugs, words of comfort, kisses and praises. I hope you are ready to keep making your spouse happy per seconds. That’s exactly what you signed for when you said ‘I do’ to him/her. You have to keep being a ‘learner’ as per anything that relates to your spouse. You have to keep learning what will make your home heaven on earth. 


I hope you are ready to keep waking up everyday to see the face of that person you walked down the aisle with beside you? The way you handle/treat your spouse will determine whether s/he will get more pretty/handsome as you count your marital years together.


Marriage is all about commitment, responsibilities and staying faithful to the marital vows. Not to scare you, but there are times that you may need to hold your spouse to support him/her go through a phase of life. That is why two are better than one. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)



Be ready to inconvenient yourself at times to make your spouse happy. And when the honeymoon is “over”…it is not meant to be over because it is meant to be a daily experience. I mean when the holidays are over and you need to resume at work or in your office, don’t stop those romantic calls and messages. You have to keep telling your spouse how much you love him/her till you lost count of the times you have said it in a day. Don’t stop springing up beautiful surprises to spice up your spouse’s life. 


Don’t ever dare to fall ‘out of love’ with your spouse and don’t ever get so close to someone of the opposite sex that your relationship with your spouse begins to suffer.


You will need time out together as often as possible. It helps relationship become better. Learn to do an assessment on your relationship either monthly or quarterly. Ask your spouse, “are we better than we were last month/quarter?” This will serve as check mate and if you discover your relationship is worse than it used to be; don’t be calm about it. The serpent that crept into the Garden of Eden to disrupt the first beautiful family ever has not resigned. Don’t give that serpent a chance, seek help if need be; go for a retreat together,read books, articles and listen to pod casts/messages that will make your relationship better. You may need to talk to a seasoned marriage counsellor and above all learn to always talk about your marriage to the founder of marriage…GOD. He is so much interested in our relationship and He wants us to enjoy and not endure it. Make your home an Eden. 


Success in your relationship is my utmost concern…I look forward to answer your questions. I value you greatly. I can be reached on BB PIN: 29E55A9A


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