Betrayed with a kiss….

kissMarilyn is yet to come to terms with the reality that she caught her best friend and spouse red handed, committing adultery. She is not a perfect woman but she has given so much to make her home a great one. She loves her husband dearly and there is nothing that is too big for her to sacrifice for her marriage and her husband knows this so well. She trusted her husband absolutely and so was shocked that her close friend and beloved spouse would stab her at the back.

Jane is battling with low self-esteem. She gets jittery around guys including family members. She hasn’t found the courage to tell anyone yet that Uncle George raped her three years ago right in her father’s house when dad and mum went for their annual vacation. It still hurts anytime she remembers her ordeal in the hands of a relative whom her parents trust and adore so much.

Tito was set up by one of her friends to be gang raped. It was a bitter experience; she lost her virginity due to her friend’s brutal betrayal. She has therefore vowed not to have any female friend again.

Johnson and James grew up together as friends and ended up starting a business which expanded so well in a few years. It got to a time in the course of one of their expansion moves that Johnson discovered the company has been defrauded by one of the contractors. He quickly called in fraud examiners who swept into action immediately. The result showed that James was the brain behind the fraud and he had been doing it since the inception of the business; Johnson suffered a major heart attack from the discovery.

A lot of people have had their hopes dashed and their dreams shattered by people whom they had trusted so much. Some have shared their dreams with pals only to have those pals claim copyright of such ideas later in the future. The importance of trust and fidelity cannot be over emphasized in a relationship. In fact, no true relationship exists without trust because trust is the fuel that drives the vehicle of a relationship. Broken trust is never easily regained because trust is always earned.

Let me ask you, have you ever been betrayed with a kiss just as Judas did to Jesus? Has someone you care so much about caused you great harm in the past? Betrayal when not handled well can cause great enmity between people who were once best friends, business partners, spouses or lovers.

You owe your partner your utmost loyalty. As a guardian or mentor, you owe your protégés and those young ones your loyalty and utmost protection from predators. Do not sexually abuse anyone by virtue of your position. Do not betray the trust bestowed on you by others. Do not lose your respect for a minute of insatiable sexual pleasure. Do not sell your conscience for gold and silver. Do not trade your fellow man’s future out of envy; just like Joseph’s brothers did to him. You don’t need to envy anyone because inside you are great treasures waiting to be harnessed to bless the world.

Self-control is a great virtue, desire and imbibe it. When tempted to do what is wrong or hurt someone else, you have the power to say NO.

You might have stepped on some toes in the past….it is time to reach out for their forgiveness. They may not want you close any more because you betrayed them but you need their forgiveness to keep going in life. Send that apology mail today. Make that call now or you may have to visit him/her in person to physically express how sorry you are for letting them down. Don’t be too proud to go on your knees if need be, don’t let your ego be your doom.

To everyone that has been betrayed with a kiss…wounds sustained from betrayal by friends and loved ones hurt so much but you have to let go of the past so you can enjoy the peace and freedom attached to forgiving. It is well with you.


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