one night stand

one night stand artSamson was a celebrity, he was a power house but he died in his prime. The nation of Israel lost him when the ovation was loudest for him. Who nailed him? Delilah! Samson just couldn’t stop running after Delilah after the first time he had her. It would have been better for him if he never had a taste of her in the first place.

Joseph knew the risk embedded in a one night stand, he therefore ran for his dear life when Potiphar’s wife offered him her body on a platter of gold. Although it landed him in prison for she blackmailed him for not having sex with her. He however knew it was better to be in a temporary prison than to forever lose one’s destiny. He understands what is written in the book of Proverbs 6:31-32 which says, “Anyone that commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding: he that does it destroys his own soul. A wound and dishonor shall he get; and his reproach shall not be wiped away.”

Father Abraham however forgot this when he allowed his wife, Sarah manipulate him into sleeping with their help, Hagar. That one night stand with Hagar produced Ishmael. The various religious wars all over the world would have been minimal if Ishmael was never conceived.

A lot of homes have been broken today because of uncontrolled sexual urge. Joseph was not naïve, it was not like he didn’t see how beautiful his master’s wife was but his eyes were more focused on the palace he was created for. I challenge you to take charge of your sexuality. Don’t start a fire you know can get your fingers burnt. David admired Bathsheba; he desired her and allowed his lust for her to overpower him. He did not rest till he had sex with her; his generations paid for it. His son, Amnon ended up raping his step sister, Princess Tamar who never recovered from the shame and suffered low self-esteem for the rest of her life. Amnon was made to pay for his sin as his step brother; Absalom killed him for raping Tamar. It did not end there, Absalom later slept with his dad’s concubines and mistresses right in public view. Do you now see that a sexual misbehaviour by a parent does not end there? It has a direct influence on his/her kids if care is not taken.

Sex doesn’t just merge two people physically, it binds them spiritually. Sex is binding because it involves not only bodies but souls, sex is a covenant and that is why it is the sweetest and deepest communication that a married man can experience with his wife.

Don’t put your destiny for sale. Illicit sex transfers Spiritually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). These are diseases that can’t be seen under the lenses of a microscope neither can it be detected through laboratory’s tests but they exist. They can control a man’s destiny. Don’t succumb to that five minutes of sexual pleasure that will mar your future. Take God’s candid advice, if you’re single, sleep alone till you get married, if you’re married, sleep only with your spouse.


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