Guard your heart against Heart breakers


Your heart is so precious and should not be toyed with. A lot of times we attract wrong people into our lives and then wonder why they treat us badly. Anyone who does not place value on you will not treat you well.

Let me start by asking you what value you place on yourself. A lot of times we see signs from a prospective heart breaker, yet we ignore them and reassure ourselves that what we feel for our partner is enough to take care of our relationship. Love should not be one sided. For a relationship to survive, affection and devotion must be mutual. It should be a two way thing. It should be symbiotic and not parasitic.

In a relationship, the communication line must be kept open. Are you both making effort to reach each other as often as you can or is the effort that of one person alone?  If she calls all the time and he never makes an effort to reciprocate unless when he needs something from her, he is a predator. If the only time she ‘flashes’ his phone or send text messages is when she wants something from him; she won’t last long in that relationship.
As a single person, if all your partner is asking for is sex and he/she can’t be disciplined enough to wait till you exchange marital vows. Watch it! You are courting a heart breaker.

If you have aborted for him once and he is still not ready for marriage but he keeps asking for sex, you are probably a play thing in his hands and he will soon do away with you.

A lot of us don’t know we need to first commit our hearts to God before we commit it to men. A man who has no regard for what God says about sex or sin will not find it difficult to cheat on you. Someone who keeps friends with womanizers and adulterers will soon tread that path if he does not change company.

It is good to admire the shape or the figure of that guy or babe but it is more rewarding to look out for the kind of future that person projects.

Let me conclude with the advice I usually give singles when they ask for counsel just as they are about to  start a new relationship; ‘Fall in love with your heart but don’t let your brain go to sleep while in love, open your eyes and be sure to observe and address all negative signs’. May you never be a victim of serial abuse!


The Woman Behind the Scene

This is for every great man about the woman in his life. It is a shout out to every first lady in the church, presidential villa or home. It is to that successful Pastor’s wife, that great President‘s wife who helped him complete his political term without his home tearing apart. Yes to that popular life coach’s wife who runs the home front successfully while her spouse joggles with endless conferences, board meetings and counseling sessions.

woman behind the scene(1)A lot of people feel this woman is lucky to be married to such a great man; on the contrary the man is the one blessed to be married to such a woman who keeps praying for him while he is in public. She fixes his meal, makes sure his briefs are clean and his clothes are well ironed for his next engagement. She attends to the kids alone while he may be away solving people’s problems. She is the woman who wakes up very early in the morning to make sure her household is well catered for especially her darling husband; she sleeps late at night after making sure everything in the household is in order and yes she has to make herself available for a ‘quickie’ if that is what her husband needs that night to add spice to his already ‘pressured’ day.

She may be fragile but she has been the invisible pillar holding the frame of the successful man you celebrate in public. Sometimes people forget to acknowledge her while giving kudos to her husband, she is a woman to be praised always, like the Proverbs 31 woman.

She is the one that tries to fix the mess that happens sometimes in her husband’s life; she is faced most times with how to manage the presence of numerous female fans in the life of her celebrity husband. The public may blame her when her husband is involved in a scandal but she is the woman who loves her husband unconditionally despite his flaws. She is the one who knows her husband’s weakness behind closed doors yet she is always there to encourage him, to strengthen him for greater exploits.

This is a woman that needs to be celebrated always by her husband. To every great man reading this, take time out now to say beautiful things to that woman behind the scene, because you know she has helped to make sure your life doesn’t tear apart. Buy her something special even if it’s not expensive. Take her out, occasional dinner out is a good idea. We are approaching the festive season, what special plans do you have to say thank you to that great woman who has dotted the ‘I’s and crossed the ‘T’s of your life? Don’t wait till another man appreciates and sweeps her off her feet before you know how to appreciate what you have. You are a great man and so blessed to have such a priceless treasure as the love of your life! I celebrate you and your woman!